Collective governance.

Empowered citizens.

Better societies.

A digital citizen engagement platform for local governments to connect with their citizens. Together they collaborate to create more inclusive societies.


Impactful citizen engagement made simple.

Civocracy is an outcome-orientated, personalisable participation platform for community engagement.
Features include:


Discuss your planned projects and policies with key stakeholders and citizens


Ask direct specific questions at your community

Direct communication

Connect directly with your citizens and stakeholders to share project news and updates

Data Analytics

Gain deep insights into your community, including realt time participation and group sentiment


Gather Ideas from your community, and co-develop them into implementable ideas.

Participatory Budget

Allocate part of your budget to projects proposed and chosen by the citizens.

Digital training

Civocracy's on hand experts provide support throughout your consultation and host on-site training days.

Twenty-first-century governance presents a lot of challenges.

You, as a public-sector worker, are expected to become digital, are required to undertake citizen participation, and need to be more efficient, while, at the same time, want to build the best community you can. Civocracy is here to help.

Together, we can harness the power of your citizens with our civic participation platform and expertise.
Selected case studies.
  • Climate change

  • Education

  • Transportation

  • Urban planning

  • Security

  • Biodiversity


"The Civocracy platform is, in our opinion, the ideal system to give citizens the opportunity to participate in a bottom-up process, and share their own ideas for the city."

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