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Gain more support from citizens and stakeholders for your public projects


Reach citizens in a less institutional way and build a civic community to generate more engagement around your projects.

Use innovative communication and participation methods to gain more legitimacy and validate your ideas.

How it works

Build the key messages for the audiences that matter.

Convince all your stakeholders with a story script tailored to them.

Create your engagement strategy with our framing workshop and monitor each of your participative activities and consultations.

Get analysis reports and create powerful stories to broadcast once your project is completed.

We conceptualize participation projects and public consultations adapted to your local challenges

We give you a unique place to listen to what your community has to say

Gather the members of your community in one interactive digital space available 24/7 during your whole project.

Go beyond short-term consultation and develop expertise and digital skills in community management.

Have full autonomy of how you want to communicate, engage and listen to your audiences with our innovative digital tools.

Manage long-term interactions with your community in an efficient way by identifying your community’s ambassadors, organising participant challenges and open discussions, surveys, etc.

Feedback from our Clients


“Ever since we worked with Civocracy, we finally have a structure to quickly build stories about our processes that engage everyone from the curious teenager to the skeptic politician.”

– Linnéa, City of Västerås, Sweden

“Online participation was a new and successful experience for me and for my stakeholders, which really opened up a field of possibilities and should be followed up and repeated by other public players." 

– Sandrine, Department in charge of transport accessibility

Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France


“Working with Civocracy was invaluable in exploring the political nuances of successful citizen engagement initiatives. They are fully aware of the entangled nature of the transition challenges that cities face, but manage to hold this complexity with lightness, curiosity and a sense of joy. It is not often that we can engage with peers in this type of work and it was a rich and enjoyable learning experience. We hope that we can continue to collaborate in our future work.”

– Dark Matter Labs, NGO

"Civocracy really helped us work through our narratives. They got a great way of cutting through complex information variables and making the outcome and output crystal clear. We have been able to apply their method later to our extended team. It's a level of experience I've rarely seen. We are really pleased to be connected with Civocracy."

–  Jon-Paul Hedge, City of Exeter, USA


Our Clients

We adapt our services to your need

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