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Stop paying for Ads

With participative campaigning, you will reduce acquisition cost and increase customer loyalty.

You are a mission driven company.
You're trying to stand out.
And yes, it's hard.

Costs for social media advertising are skyrocketing.
Community building uses a lot of time and resources with marginal results.
You don't want to trick your customers but doing good in marketing can feel like a (very costly) disadvantage.

Participative campaigning is a branding method born in the most competitive market - politics.

Instead of wasting resources on continuous community management, focus on one participative action per year.

NEWENG big mockup.png

 Civocracy develops engagement strategies and online participative tools to bring your audiences onboard.

Pssst! Speaking of engaging campaigns, we launched the first-one-of-its kind brand movement for democracies. With B Lab Europe, and Club of Rome,
we kickstarted the 9o6 movement and guess what, you can be part of it too! 

Mystery Post (1).png

Why this movement?

Together, we can increase the EU elections voter turnout with +5 million citizens. With only 3 posts on our social media channels, we can show our audiences that we unite and act beyond economic purpose, beyond differences.

Together, we are 457 million! Ready to make a difference?


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5 exciting participative campaigns and
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Civocracy supports you with your participative campaign in 4 steps:

Phase 1

We design the narrative and goal of the campaign.

During two interactive workshops with your marketing and CSR team, we will work with storytelling frameworks to build a differentiated narrative, structure your goals and set the roadmap of your campaign.

It’s all about stories.
Civic Purpose Canvas.jpg

Phase 2

We co-create the campaign with your clients and favorite partners.

We invite your most engaged clients and partners in the campaign from the start, incorporating their wishes and perspectives  through tailored questionnaires and interviews.

It’s all about coalition and trust.

Phase 3

We launch and animate the campaign.

We launch the campaign on our digital participation platform and set up exciting activities throughout the campaign.

→  It’s all about momentum.
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Phase 4

We keep the momentum by building a movement.

Based on the campaign results, we build an action plan. We broadcast this with your audience, maximizing your impact and engaging them for next year's edition!

→It’s all about endurance!

They already successfully use participative campaigning:


While others have an audience, you’ll have a movement.

It’s a marathon. It will pay off if you keep running it.

“Civocracy built a unique process to sharpen our narrative and engage our key audiences, sometimes hidden communities, into our project.”
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Lucas de Stefano

Founder and CEO of Non Architecture


Free download

5 exciting participative campaigns and
what you can learn from it!

Sign up to receive the document per email.

Enjoy reading!


About us

We are digital engagement experts. With 8 years of expertise in citizen participation, Civocracy has spearheaded over 300 successful participative campaigns alongside 150 mission-driven organizations in Europe. 

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