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Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur

"Building a participatory digital innovation system to become one of the first smart cities in France"


  • To effectively connect with the citizens in the region using digital methods

  • To understand the citizens’ interests, needs and concerns

  • To implement smart-city solutions that are helpful to the community

  • To engage a large number of divisions from the Métropole in the project


  • All citizen propositions were analysed and presented to the relevant internal departments, allowing each department to reassess their priorities and formulate projects that tackle the challenges identified by their citizens.

  • The most comprehensive citizen propositions were those around sustainability, and as a result, these are the ones which will be developed and implemented by the Métropole.

Success Metrics

  • Number of contributions: More than 280 contributions, which received 5124 votes from other citizens

  • Relevance for the region: 78.5% of the propositions were relevant for the entire Métropole of Nice Côte d'Azur

  • Diversity of topics: Citizens addressed a wide range of topics from security, culture, democracy, urban development, economy, transport through to sustainable development


citizen contributions


supporting votes on the platform


of contributions were
recommendations relevant for
the entire Métropole

Most popular ideas

Civocracy recommendations

Launch official (government-led) discussions to give civil servants the opportunity to engage more with their citizens’ propositions.

Invite citizens - who have contributed - to offline events with the decision-makers so that they can collaborate on future projects and the development of the Metropolis' innovation plans.

Group citizens' propositions thematically in order to present them to the relevant departments so that they can integrate them into their public policy plans.

Provide advice on how citizens can better structure their propositions for clarity and usability.


318 votes

"I would like collective vegetable gardens in Nice"


283 votes

"We should have a larger, cleaner (electric or other) and cheaper public transport network"


209 votes

"I would like the municipalities in the backcountry to benefit from the same advantages as the citizens of Nice"

"Administrations can no longer govern as they used to, there is incredible power to be gained from citizen engagement. Thank you to Civocracy for helping us move forward in digital participatory democracy!"

Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur

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