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Strong brands need a civic purpose to be successful in the future


Raise awareness and reputation of your brand so that people adopt your solution

Follow a real purpose instead of static CSR frameworks and become a champion of social innovation

Empower your employees, customers or stakeholders to become ambassadors of your civic purpose

How it works


Formulate your civic purpose

We help you translate your complex work into a sharp, appealing and easy to re-tell purpose that resonates with the communities you want to serve. This is why we operate from the inside out to make sure your leadership, stakeholders and the public are involved at the right time with the right format.


Set Up your A-Team


The initial push needs to come from your leadership team – else your civic purpose will never be adopted by all your stakeholders. In a series of workshops we help you complete the Civic Purpose Canvas – a living document that is map, manifesto, and guidance in one.

Reach the public


Once your Civic Purpose is defined, it is time to rally the public around it. We test every possible key message with thousands of people through our partnering market research experts. We split your purpose into small chunks and evaluate which angle resonates best with the general public.

Consult your stakeholders


With our expertise in participatory processes we will design a consultation around the results of the Civic Purpose Canvas. This will include the sharpening of the results and answering the question – what does this civic purpose mean for our day-to-day work?

We adapt our services to your need.

Reach out with any questions and request a demo.

Companies can no longer set themselves apart only by their products. They are expected to show a social added value that contributes to the common good.

– Chloé Pahud, Founder & CEO, Civocracy


Grow a community around your purpose

We provide you with a dedicated digital space and a long-term engagement strategy to grow your community. This will allow you to validate your ideas and generate new solutions through participation methods that work best for your audiences.


Content Design


In multiple working sessions with your project and/or marketing team we create visuals and copy to promote your Civic Purpose. The principles we follow: always new, fun and participative.

Digital Community Space


With an interactive digital platform, you will have one place to gather the members of your community during the whole project. We always look out for the most innovative tools to communicate, engage and listen to your audiences.

Monitoring and Analysis


Track the performance of your campaigns in one easy-to-use dashboard. Export results and data visualisations to broadcast your progress and successes.

We adapt our services to your need

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