We do digital citizen participation.

At Civocracy, we believe that change begins in your community.

We provide local governments with tools and knowledge that allow them to create societies that represent the people who live in them.

Our story
At Civocracy, we get out of bed each morning because we believe that every voice matters, and we won’t stop until everyone’s voice is heard. Improving the relationship between governments and their citizens using digital methods will transform the world as we know it. Plus it'll empower each and every one of us to build a better future. It’s exciting, right? 
The team
We're an international team, featuring company builders, lawyers, policy experts and technologists. 

The founders

Benjamin and Chloe combine democratic innovation, international entrepreneurship and technology expertise.


Since 2015, they have been working to change the way governments interact with their citizens by bringing technological advancements and specialised knowledge to the public sector.

Emily McDonnell
Head of Partnerships and Communications

Madeline Le Botlan

Senior Project Manager and Data Advisor

Sophie Delannoy

Senior Project Manager

Leona Hansen

Citizen Engagement (Germany)

Giuseppe Di Lecce

Head of Operations

Johann Kaehlin

Front-end Developer

Maximilien Ami
Business Development Manager (France)

Our values


We want to live in a world where everything is in the open, so we can make informed decisions that we can be proud of.


We strive to empower people, and in order to do this, respect is essential.

To ensure inclusive participation happens, the processes of contributing must be easy to understand.


In order to shape better communities, people from a mix of backgrounds must be involved in everyday decision making.


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