Empowering local government to

create their best cities

Our civic engagement platform helps local government to effectively and efficiently connect with their citizens, and make better decisions collaboratively.

Twenty-first-century governance presents a lot of challenges.


You, as a public-sector worker, are expected to become digital, are required to undertake citizen participation, and need to be more efficient, while, at the same time, want to build the best community you can. Civocracy is here to help.

Together, we can harness the power of your citizens with our civic participation platform and expertise.

Whether you have 2,000 citizens or 2,000,000 citizens...


Impactful citizen engagement made simple

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The digital platform.

The Civocracy platform is equipped with the full suite of tools for civic participation, ensuring effective collaboration on local policy and projects in a transparent way.

Platform features:


City-lead discussions and debates

Actively stimulate public dialogue to co-create city projects and policy.

Idea crowdsourcing

Extract your citizens’ ideas and concerns in order to formulate

development strategy.


Statistics and analysis 

Deep-dive into your community’s responses for improved

insights and recommendations.


Real-time tracked impact

Review and showcase a project’s trajectory, progress

and local impact in order to increase transparency.

Influencer identification
Visibly showcase you've heard what your community have to

say, and highlight the most active members.


Multi-level administration
Give different team members varied levels of platform access.


Personalised profile
Brand the platform with your city’s logo, name and colours.

The advisory services.

We offer dedicated support and expert knowledge throughout the year.

Strategy and formation days

We host horizontal-learning workshops on participation best practices, platform functionality, and internal change management, to ensure cross-team collaboration.


Educational programme
The 10-month Territoires Fédérateurs programme features a series of workshops and webinars with our in-house experts and external strategic partners. 


Specialist reporting

Receive personalised reports and recommendations at the end of your citizens discussions, based on the aims and inputs of your discussions. 


Digital resources

Get access to digital communication kits, and other materials, to support your strategies and goals. 


Community membership

Become part of our global community of cities; learn from each other through sharing best practices, challenges and solutions.


Ensuring schools' success

The city of Lyon consulted parents, teachers and students in order to restructure the school week in the most beneficial way.

Effective citizen participation in four simple steps.

We share essential insights, strategies and best practices for civic engagement. 

Engage with your citizens, and harness their connective intelligence. 

Sculpt, drive and oversee your discussions and analyse in real time. 

Take action

Aquire post-discussion reports featuring key insights and recommendations. 




When compared to traditional citizen participation means,
we empower you to:


up to 

74 times



Increase participation by 300%.


twice as



“The Civocracy tool is innovative, interesting and brings serious added value to offline citizen consultation. This is the future, I am convinced of it.”

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