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More than a service provider - we empower you

From day 1, we make you digital participation champion. Our experts equip you with everything you need to achieve your participatory goals. From the beginning we are always by your side to help you with training and consulting.  Thanks to our good practices tips and expertise, you will feel more and more empowered and become an expert on digital participation

In our training and consulting, we focus on three key areas that are most important when it comes to participation and stakeholder engagement.



What does your timeline look like? Where do you start? Which modules are the right ones for you and your citizens? What are your key messages in order to engage your stakeholder? These are just some of the many questions to ask before you start your journey.


You're not alone in this. We help you formulate the best strategy to achieve your participatory goals.


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Once you started you'll encounter a very different sets of challenges. Many of these challenges will require your team to recognize patterns and be agile and considerate.. You'll have to manage and engage a growing community.

We make sure that you master everything that comes your way by preparing you beforehand but also consult you on the spot during the process.



We empower you to analyze the opinions and sentiments of your citizens in order to take their perspecitve into account when you make your decision. 


And not only do we help you to create impact - we also help you to comunicatie it in a way that everyone can see it.


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