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La Région Auverge-Rhône-Alpes

Building a unified and resilient region out of the three historically separate territories: the Alps, the Rhône and Auvergne

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  • More than 60 experts and specialised stakeholders from the Economic and Social Council, the Chamber of Commerce and National Forestry Office were mobilised and have added their visions for the design of the SRADDET (regional scheme for urban planning, sustainable development and equality of territories).

  • There has been a high level of innovative ideas from citizens.


  • To create a unified identity between the three historically separate territories: the Alps, the Rhone and Auvergne

  • To produce a 10-year infrastructure plan

  • To involve all key stakeholders in the development of the SRADDET, as well as to engage citizens from across the entire region to make them co-responsible for the region’s development

Success Metrics

  • Number of contributions: More than 1,000 residents contributed to the discussion on a series of concrete issues, such as making smarter use of existing infrastructures, transforming seasonal resorts into co-working spaces during the summer, etc.

  • Contributions from across the entire region: 100% regional coverage

  • Involvement of stakeholders: More than 60 experts and stakeholders with different profiles contributed to the plan


citizen contributions


regional coverage: representation of all territories of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


experts and stakeholders contributed their vision on the SRADDET

The most voted Innovative Ideas

  1. "Encourage people to produce their own energy through financial support programmes"

  2. "Make waste compactors available to residents"

  3. "Improve insulation regulations for new buildings"

  4. "Make smarter use of existing infrastructure (e.g. turn seasonal resorts into co-working spaces during the summer)"

Civocracy Recomendations

  • Tailor the messaging to each audience, the desired call to action, and chosen medium, but maintain a unified tone and vision throughout the entire project.

  • Leverage institutional partners (associations, corporates, NGOs) by identifying ambassadors that can drive the discussion in order to amplify impact and increase discussion engagement.

  • Always add discussion results and timelines to the platform to maintain complete project transparency.

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