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"Let's talk climate" - a public debate as part of Lyon’s overall strategy to fight climate change

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  • Based on the public debate, the elected officials identified measures that can easily be implemented in the region, but also a lack of public knowledge regarding certain city initiatives.

  • The debate led to the initiation of a network of actors involved in environmental issues (65% of local actors volunteered to participate in working groups).


  • Gathering of ideas, good practices and feedback to enrich the Territorial Climate and Energy Plan for the period 2020-2030

  • Better information for the people of Lyon on the actions carried out by the city

  • Development of a network of actors involved in environmental issues

Success Metrics

  • Reach of the communication campaign to mobilise citizens onto the Civocracy platform: 18,076 unique visitors, 2,380 subscribers, 1,859 contributions, with more than 50% of participants aged 25-35

  • Quality of citizen propositions: operational, realistic and informed

  • Number of moderated contributions: during the whole consultation period no contributions had to be moderated


unique visitors


of participants re-engaged in following consultations conducted by the city of Lyon


of the measures put in the climate plan are a result of the public consultation

Most popular ideas

  1. "Use green roofs to cool buildings by several degrees in the summer" (165 votes)

  2. "Limit the paradoxical use of air conditioning systems" (102 votes)

  3. "Promote rainwater harvesting" (88 votes)

Civocracy recomendations

  • Unite the expertise of citizens and professionals to ensure an inclusive and quality debate

  • Diversify participation activities (questionnaires and official discussions)

  • Make sure not to overwhelm citizens at the beginning: offer short and less demanding formats first (e.g. closed questions in questionnaires).



What our clients say

"Civocracy has helped us to develop future policies [...] and offers a new way of looking at the relationship between communities and residents. The project has been a complete success that goes beyond our expectations."

Jérôme Maleski
Deputy for local democracy and citizen participation City of Lyon


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