School reform on a local level - parents and teachers of Strasbourg collaborate on solutions

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Following the consultations, the city of Strasbourg decided to implement key structural changes:

  • Daily lessons of 3.5 hours length held each morning

  • Free educational activities for primary school children on Wednesday afternoons

  • Free Kindergarten offer on Wednesday afternoons for young children to better support working parent

  • The new school year starting at the end of August


  • Decide what activities should be offered in schools outside the classroom

  • Understand the organisational needs of families and determine how the city can help

  • Identify the best school model for children from preschool onwards


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of Strasbourg’s teachers were consulted


major structural changes to the school rhythm in Strasbourg

Success Metrics

  • Number of contributions. 2175 contributions from all participants (including 1500 from parents) 

  • Involvement of parents: 5873 parents and 69 associations consulted

  • Involvement of teachers: 920 teachers participated, equivalent of around 50% of teachers and directors working in Strasbourg's public schools

Most popular ideas

  1. "Reduce the number of children per class" (161 votes)

  2. "Give preference to the 4-day week" (141 votes)

  3. "More training for teachers and professionals" (124 votes)

  4. "Offer meals cooked on site or at least with more organic ingredients and less plastic" (27 votes)

Civocracy recomendations

  • Link online and offline methods in a more coherent way, e.g. by posting all events in the project calendar on the Civocracy platform.

  • Increase transparency through the publishing of regular updates as well as results of surveys, studies and offline meetings on the project page.

  • Be more responsive to citizens' contributions by responding to them and recognising the citizens’ effort through 'constructive contributions' badges.